¿About us?

Marketing Pyme Consultora was founded in 2012 by professionals from the business areas and business marketing strategies. We are dedicated to providing strategic advice to small and medium companies in Temuco, Santiago and other regions of the country.

Mission: To make our clients achieve a sustained strategic growth of their businesses through the best Marketing practices, building their brands and positioning them, opening new markets for their products and services.

Vision: Contribute to the development of the small and medium enterprises of the country, (PYMES). Strategically and sustainably enhancing their capacities in the different activities they perform.

Values: Excellence, Integrity, Confidentiality and Reliability.

Objectives: To develop, implement and monitor marketing strategies with our customers, applying modern concepts of strategic marketing, "knowing what we should sell", that is, the consumer-oriented approach, weighing the client based on your needs and turn it into the center of the organization, everything we do or perform should be thought of in the client, generating an added value of the product and / or service, because deep down, it is the client that allows us the objectives of the company are met.